About Us

The Sea Moss Boss is a husband and wife run business starting in 2018. With the combined love of Irish Sea Moss and the health benefits it brings, we decided to launch the The Sea Moss Boss, because of the lack of good quality and authentic Irish Moss out there.

With Richy's family and contacts in Ireland to find the best wild harvested Irish moss, and with Tee's business skills we combined our knowledge to create The Sea Moss Boss. We have included top quality sea vegetables, not only their intense flavours but for the nutritional mineral content that can actively nourish and aid a healthy body and mind.

All our seaweed is hand harvested from the pristine waters in the North West coast of Ireland. We only harvest our seaweed when it's in season, to ensure the nutrient profile of our seaweed is at its richest. Our harvesters use sustainable harvesting methods to ensure our seaweed will regenerate for the generations to come so we can continue to supply our customers with the finest seaweed on the market today.